Americana Home Inspections


"Mark is a very competent, thorough, and knowledgeable home inspector.  We have been recommending his services for nearly 3 years now.  Mark is also a very nice guy who has a very nice family!"
-Chris Guinn III - Dwell Realty/Owner/Principal Broker

"Mark is the first person I recommend when I have a client who needs a home inspector.  He is professional, does excellent and detailed work, and delivers honest results to the client without being scary.  He has done small condo inspections for me all the way up to a luxury 7000 sq foot home and works great with my clients.  I have used dozens of home inspectors in my years as a Realtor and Mark is my favorite.  I would highly recommend him for any inspection needs you might have.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for a recommendation."
-Sally Dillon - Hasson Company Realtors

"Mark has always been a pleasure to work with...  He is knowledgeable and does a great job informing my clients of any issues that may arise from his inspections.  Thanks for all your help over the years."
-Joshua Svaren - Real Estate Consultant/Broker/Owner at Svaren Realty

"I have worked with Mark on a couple of occasions and he has always been exemplary in his professionalism and skill.  Mark works well with my clients.  I would recommend Mark for any inspection!"
-Dennis Hills - General Manager of J&M Homes in McMinnville, OR
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